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Design and Manufacturing Process

1. The Chateau Fireplaces Professional Design Team has an extensive offering of Cast Stone Mantels, Surrounds and Hearth. If you do not see something that commands your attention here, we can create a custom configuration utilizing an assortment of our typical details or generate something completely new. With our Designers the possibilities are limitless.

2. Our Professional Staff will act as your Project Manager and be the liaison between the Designers and you. This will streamline the design process & produce the Fireplace System you’ve always dreamed of.

3. After the design for your fireplace system is completed and you’ve confirmed acceptance by signing the Approval Drawings submitted to you, our Design Team begins the process of creating the Manufacturing and Installation Packages.

4. Once these Packages have been generated, they are submitted to our Manufacturing Engineering Department. There the packages are reviewed yet again for manufacturability and completeness. After review, the packages are sent to the Manufacturing floor (below).

Cast stone fireplace manufacturing factory floor

5. At the Manufacturing floor, the package is delivered to the Manufacturing Manager who works with his team of Professionals to create, modify and prepare molds for production (below).

Mold prepared for casting.

6. When the Molds associated with your project are properly prepared for casting, the Cast Stone Material is mixed in the color you’ve specified and is packed by hand into the mold in a specific fashion to achieve the desired finish. Following the Cast Stone, a very specific mix of fiberglass materials is then packed (again by hand) into the mold (see pictures below). The molds are then left to dry for approximately (1) day depending on the particular detail.

Hand-packing molds.

7. Once the Manufacturing Manager determines that the Castings have cured to a specific density, he instructs the Manufacturing Team to dismantle the molds and remove the Castings (see newly cast product pictures below). Each piece is then labeled appropriately with the client information and associated relation to the Installation Plan.

Cast stone fireplace parts.
Cast stone fireplace parts.

8. At this point, your project is transferred to our Quality Department for a detailed inspection confirming that all associated pieces are present and each has meet our extremely rigid Quality Standards. When the Quality Department has approved the package, the Professional Staff you’ve communicated with during the entire process is notified and you’re contacted to schedule installation or shipment of your Cast Stone Products.

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