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Chateau Fireplace's story starts in 1983 when Custom Home Builder Phillip Souther became dissatisfied with the quality of the Architectural Cast Stone products available to his clientele and the building industry in general. Souther's demand for quality products drove him to revolutionize the Cast Stone Industry. In 1984 Souther started Souther Architectural Cast Stone to supply the industry with high quality Architectural Cast Stone products. During that time, Souther began to develop a line of Custom Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds for the private estates he built. After adding these Fireplace Surrounds to his existing product line, the modest operation quickly grew to be the dominant producer of elegant cast stone fireplaces, as well as surrounds for windows and doors, decorative columns, pillars and more.

Souther Architectural Cast Stone's business was primarily built through their superior reputation among many of the finest architects and contractors in the building industry. The philosophy of the company could be summed up in these words: superior quality, impeccable customer service and tremendous attention to detail, no exceptions.

By 2000, Souther Architectural Cast Stone had created a cache of over 40 different fireplace molds that could be flexibly sized to accommodate most homes. It was then that Phil decided to open his first retail showroom in San Diego and call it Chateau Fireplaces. The purpose was, and is, to offer affordable, elegant fireplaces to the average home. The idea worked. By 2006 the increased demand mandated that Souther build a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to keep up with demand for his quality product.

Souther's dream of an affordable, high quality European-styled cast stone fireplace is an idea whose time has come for every American home.

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